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About the Tyne Tugs & Tug Builders Website

I am indebted to the many visitors to this site for supplying encouragement, additional information and photographs. There are too many people to list here, but they know who they are and I say a big "Thank you" to them.

Searching for a Tug:
If you are looking for a particular tug, select "Tugs" on the top menu. An alphabetical grid is now displayed, select the initial letter of the tug name that you are looking for. An alphabetical list of tugs beginning with this initial letter is then displayed. Scroll down to the required vessel and click on the name, this will open up the individual tug record. Remember only tugs that were built on the Tyne or worked on the Tyne will be listed.
Tugs are listed by their inital delivered names, a tug launched as one name but delivered as another name will be stored by the delivered name.
If the tug name you are looking for is not the delivered name then please use the advanced search facility on the "Home" page. This will search all tug, owner and shipbuilder records for the required name.

Searching for a Shipbuilder:
If you are looking for a particular shipbuilder, select "Builders" on the top menu. An alphabetical grid is now displayed, select the initial letter of the shipbuilder's name that you are looking for. An alphabetical list of shipbuilders is then displayed.
The index of shipbuilders includes approximate dates of activity and an approximate number of tugs that they built. These are guides to help in the selection of the shipbuilder. The major shipbuilders are therefore easily identified.
Having selected a shipbuilder, a list of tugs built by the shipbuilder is then displayed. These are listed in yard number order where yard numbers are known, otherwise they are listed by year and alphabetically within the year.

Technical data from Lloyds Registers, Mercantile Navy Lists, Starke Schell Registers, Miramar Ship Index and contemporary newspapers. I am indebted to Kevin Blair, Ken Lubi and members of Tug Talk for making their photographic collections available. I have endeavoured to credit the appropriate copyright holder of the photos where possible. I have researched tug histories from many sources but David Asprey, Ian Buxton and Bill Harvey, especially, have provided me with many tug histories.
John H Proud's book "150 Years of the Maltese Cross" - The Story of Tyne, Blyth and Wear Tug Companies has also been a most valuable reference.

This website is a "work in progress" and therefore new tugs and shipbuilders will be added as and when new or more accurate information becomes available. Any errors in the data are both unintentional and my own, I welcome any information that adds to the knowledge base.

Web design:
My apologies for the simplicity, and the poor quality, of the HTML code on this site. My objective has to been to create a site that is easy to use without the overhead and restrictions of a database.

Please note that the information contained on this web site has been collated from a variety of sources, much of which is in the public domain and therefore I claim no copyright in this site. I have acknowledged a number of sources that have been used and where possible attributed copyright where I am aware of it. However if you feel that I have infringed on any specific copyright, please let the web master know and appropriate action will be taken. Many thanks.

I would be pleased to hear from you if you are able to provide additional or updated ship histories and also photographs.
I also welcome your comments good or bad and to contact the site please use: webmaster@tynetugs.co.uk