Launched: 18/05/1867
Completed: 08/1867
Builder: John Wigham Richardson & Co, Low Walker
Yard Number: 45
Dimensions: 117grt, 105.3 x 18.0 x 9.7ft; (by1918: 127grt, 48nrt, 101.8 x 19.0 x 10.3ft)
Engines: SL2cyl, 50hp; (by 1918: 2cyl (28.25 & 28.25 x 33.5ins), 35nhp
Engines By: Thomas Hepple & Son, Low Walker
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: 56077
1867 John Wigham Richardson & George Cleugh, Newcastle
1867 Brailoff Towing Co, Brailoff
1871 L Perelman & G Terle, Odessa
1879 P Radonaki & S Foresti, Odessa
1884 PF Radonaki, Odessa
1890 Ivanovy, Rossolini & Solmos, Nikolaev
1995 M Solmos, Nikolaev
1905 AN Spozito, Nikolaev
1908 Renamed OTETS
1911 NI Spozito, Nikolaev
No further history known
Comments: Also appears on the Thomas Hepple yard list.
Registered at Newcastle for the delivery voyage to Brailoff
Brailoff is the Russian name for Braila, near Galati in Rumania
Nikolaev is to the the East of Odessa
11/1917: Still reported as in existence
LR1918 has name as OTEZ ex ACHILLES
Thanks to David Asprey & Andreas von Mach for the above details

     Newcastle Journal, Monday, 20th May 1867

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