Completed: 1859
Builder: North Shields
Yard Number:
Dimensions: 65grt, 16nrt, 79.4 x 16.3 x 9.5ft
Engines: L1cyl, 30nhp
Engines By:
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Wood
Reg Number: 27699
03/09/1859 Anthony Strong & John Patton, North Shields and Joseph Hall, Tynemouth; registered at Shields
1860 Hugh Sheridan, Dublin
1862 Hugh Sheridan et al, Dublin
1864 Jasper Clements et al, Dublin
1865 David Renwick, Dublin
28/05/1867 James Douglass, North Shields; registered at South Shields
29/12/1868 Registered at Leith
14/09/1869 Wrecked
Comments: 14/09/1869: Struck rock in the Sound of Jura and became a total loss
Thanks to David Asprey for the above details
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