Launched: 21/12/1897
Completed: 03/1898
Builder: JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
Yard Number: 184
Dimensions: 181grt, 9nrt, 106.5 x 21.1 x 11.2ft
Engines: C2cyl (22 & 40 x 26ins), 600ihp, 82nhp
Engines By: JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 149414
03/1898 Amsterdam Tug & Salvage Co (AD Zur Mühlen), Amsterdam
1919 Bureau Wijsmuller, Scheep Transport en Sleepvaart Maats
09/1926 France, Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co Ltd; renamed CULLERCOATS
01/1959 Chartered to Tyne Tugs Ltd
05/1968 Broken up
Comments: 1914 to 1918: Also used as a trawler
07/1956: Re-engined by RB Harrison & Son using engine from French
trawler BEARN. T3cyl, 700ihp by J Lewis & Sons, Aberdeen
05/1968: Broken up by Clayton & Davie Ltd, Dunston

     Photo courtesy of Jaap Bijl

     Above: As a trawler during WW1. Photo courtesy of Jaap Bijl

     Above: In the colours of Amsterdam Tug & Salvage

     Above: In the colours of Bureau Wijsmuller

     Above: In the colours of France, Fenwick

     Above: In the colours of Tyne Tugs

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