Keel: 17/02/1869
Launched: 15/05/1869
Completed: 16/06/1869
Builder: J Wigham Richardson & Co, Low Walker
Yard Number: 59
Dimensions: 157grt, 99nrt, 130.0 x 21.7 x 8.0ft
Engines: 2cyl (30 & 30 x 42ins), 60nhp
Engines By: Black, Hawthorn & Co, Gateshead
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: n/a
1869 Tanais Co (J Draper), Taganrog
1891 V Maksimoff, Nicolaieff
1908 Don Azoff & Baltic Sea Navigation Co,Rostoff
1909 Renamed DAGMARA
1911 IJ Drovitzky, Rostoff
1912 Heirs of IJ Drovitzky, Rostoff
1913 LL Andries, Rostoff
1914 Azoff Black Sea SS Co
No further history known
Comments: For use on the River Don
Contract Price 5,560; Profit 431-12s-1d
1929: Deleted from Lloyds Register

     Above photo courtesy of the Ian Rae collection

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