Completed: 1922
Builder: Lubecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft, Lubeck
Yard Number: 651
Dimensions: 213gt,110.0 x 23.0 x 10.2ft
Engines: T3cyl (14.625, 23.25 & 35 x 21.25), 57nhp
Engines By: Lubecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft, Lubeck
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 169263
1922 Bugsier Reederei und Bergungs AG
1927 Trafik A/B Grangeburg-Oxelosund, Stockholm
03/1954 Ridley Steam Tug Co Ltd; renamed MOMENTUM
01/1955 Lamey JH Ltd, Liverpool; renamed MARIE LAMEY
05/1964 Broken up
Comments: 03/1954: Cost 8,500
01/1955: Cost 21,500
05/1964: Sold to TW Ward for 1,360
Broken up at TW Ward's Preston facility

     Above: DIANA as part of the Grangeburg-Oxelosund fleet. Photo courtesy of Alfred Turner

     Above: MARTY escorts DIANA into the Tyne. Photo courtesy of Kevin Blair

     Above: DIANA after change of colours, but not name. Photo courtesy of Eddie Frost

     Above photo as MOMENTUM copyright of Graeme Turner

     Above: MOMENTUM after change of colours, but not name. Photo courtesy of Richard Cox

     Above photo courtesy of Barney Hunt

     Above photo courtesy of Alfred Turner

     Above: Marie with a crumpled bow. Photo taken in July 1960, copyright of Graeme Turner

     Above photo copyright of John Clarkson

     Above photo courtesy of Alan Hughes

     Above 3 photos, MARIE LAMEY towed by IRENE LAMEY to the breakers yard at Preston

     Above: MARIE LAMEY awaits her fate at the breakers yard

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