Launched: 26/01/1864
Completed: 03/1864
Builder: J Wigham Richardson & Co, Low Walker
Yard Number: 25
Dimensions: 395grt, 201nrt, 162.3 x 26.0 x 14.2ft
Engines: 2cyl (32 & 32 x 72ins), 180nhp
Engines By: Thompson, Boyd & Co, Newcastle
Propulsion: Paddle, 12.0knots
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: 45632
1864 Apcar & Co, Calcutta
1876 Hooghly River & Coasting Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Calcutta
1885 Clive Steam Tug Co (Gladstone Wyllie, managers), Calcutta
1893 Broken up
Comments: Fitted with 2 horizontal oscillating engines
Contract price 11,500; Profit 1568
08/03/1864: Sailed from the Tyne for Calcutta, towing 17 keels loaded with 400 tons of coal
1877: Fitted with a new deck
28/05/1886: In collision with the pilot brig STAR OF GERMANY in the Hooghly,
ELECTRIC was found to be at fault due to the high speed at which she approached the pilot.
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