Launched: 28/05/1942
Completed: 14/08/1942
Builder: Clelands (Successors) Ltd, Willington Quay
Yard Number: 65
Dimensions: 250grt, 15nrt, 107.8 x 26.2 x 12.5ft
Engines: T3cyl (16.5, 27 & 46 x 30ins), 1030ihp
Engines By: Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 165836
15567 Ministry of War Transport, (William Watkins, managers), Newcastle
1946 Ministry of Transport
17007 Risdon Beasley Ltd, Southampton
1947 J Cooper; registered at Belfast; renamed PIPER
1954 J Cooper (Belfast) Ltd
1969 R & JH Rea Ltd, London
1970 Cory Ship Towage (NI) Ltd (Cory Ship Towage Ltd, managers)
06/1971 Northern Slipways Ltd, Dublin
1971 AP Papayanis AE, Greece; renamed SOTIRIOS
1984 Renamed LAVRION
1987 Broken up
Comments: 26/11/1945: Released from naval duties
24/07/1946: A joint operation between the Admiralty & Risdon Beasley
12/12/1946: Released from joint operation
1963: Conversion to motorship at Mitchison's yard, cancelled at the last minute
1984: Name variously reported as LALRION, LAURION & LAVRION

     Above 2 photos as PIPER courtesy of Bill Green

     Above photo of PIPER at Mitchison's yard courtesy of Ronald Stanford

     Above photo as PIPER courtesy of Alan Hughes

     Above photo as PIPER courtesy of Paul Strathdee

     Above photo as PIPER courtesy of Paul Strathdee

     Above photo as PIPER courtesy of Photoship

     Above photo as SOTIRIOS courtesy of Kevin Blair

     Above 4 photos as LAVRION courtesy of Bent Mikkelsen

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