Completed: 1853
Builder: J Dowey, North Shields
Yard Number:
Dimensions: 54grt, 21nrt, 69.5 x 13.4 x 7.8ft; (1857: 47grt, 13nrt)
Engines: 25nhp
Engines By: JP Almond, North Shields. Boilers by JT Eltringham, South Shields
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Wood
Reg Number: 2296
1853 Thomas Hunter, AR Grant & W Gibson, Shields
1855 Robert Redhead et al, Newcastle
1861 John W Robson, North Shields
1867 John Anderson & Robert Chater, North Shields
1869 Sank
Comments: J Dowey is thought to be the builder, but most records just refer to North Shields
08/07/1869: Sank after collision with collier JR HINDE off Seaham Harbour

     The Newcastle Courant, Friday, July 9, 1869

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