Launched: 1878
Completed: 07/1878
Builder: JT Eltringham, South Shields
Yard Number: 71
Dimensions: 182grt, 40nrt, 122.5 x 20.2 x 10.6ft; (1881: 164grt, 12nrt);
(1891: 177grt, 40nrt); (1903: 182grt, 3nrt)
Engines: SL1cyl (41 x 60ins); 60nhp
Engines By: JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: 78628
1878 Clyde Shipping Co Ltd (George J Kidston, manager); registered at Glasgow
28/03/1900 Duncan McKellar (t/a Greenock Towing Co) Greenock
28/03/1900 Registered at Greenock; renamed POWERFUL
03/07/1917 Brito-Franco Shipping Co Ltd, Newcastle (A Tate & Co, managers)
11/06/1918 David L Griffiths, Liverpool
04/10/1920 Tees Towing Co Ltd, Middlesbrough (Robinson & Crosthwaite Ltd, managers)
1921 Registered at Middlesbrough
24/07/1923 Broken up
Comments: Built as a sub-contract from JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
18/11/1897: Damaged in a collision with STATE OF NEBRASKA (3986grt/1880) at Greenock
1903: New boiler fitted.
04/10/1920: Cost 1150
24/07/1923: Sold for breaking up for 180
Thanks to Bill Harvey for the above details
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