Launched: 20/11/1914
Completed: 01/1915
Builder: JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
Yard Number: 294
Dimensions: 224grt, 3nrt, 106.1 x 24.4 x 12.3ft; (1954: 217grt)
Engines: T3cyl (16, 26 & 43 x 27ins), 98rhp, 850ihp;
(1954: Oil engine, 2SA, 12cyl (8.5 x 10ins), 1086bhp)
Engines By: JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields;
(1954: General Motors)
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 133567
01/1915 Mark H Redhead & Susannah H White (t/a Readhead R & Son), Newcastle
01/1915 Registered at Newcastle
06/1916 Transferred to Robert Readhead & Son Ltd,
08/1929 Transferred to Redhead & Dry's Tugs Ltd
05/1944 Transferred to France, Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co Ltd
01/1959 Chartered to Tyne Tugs Ltd
05/1977 Transferred to Lawson-Batey Tugs Ltd
01/1978 Coastal Marine Services, Plymouth
07/1981 Bankside Shipping & Towage Co Ltd, Queenborough
08/1982 NE Murray, Queenborough
02/1984 Estuary Tugs Ltd, Sark
03/1987 Lavington International Ltd; registered at Gibraltar
2007 Broken up
Comments: 1915: Purchased from builder for 9,500
1917: Hired by the Admiralty
1919: Returned to owners
1954: Re-built & re-engined by PK Harris & Sons Ltd, Appledore
1977: Transfer cost 7,000
1978: Purchased for 11,500
2007: Broken up at Queenborough

     Above image courtesy of Kevin Blair

     Above image courtesy of Eddie Frost

     Above photo showing SNOWDON & GEORGE V in dry dock, copyright of Tyne & Wear Museums

     Above photo courtesy of Stephen Swinhoe

     Above photo, showing her after conversion at Appledore, courtesy of Robert Amess

     Above photo copyright of Malcolm Donnelly

     Above photo taken in 1964 copyright of Malcolm Donnelly

     Above photos copyright of Malcolm Donnelly

     Above photo courtesy of Michael Higgins

     Above photo copyright of Ray Harrison

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