Name: GOOLE NO 9
Launched: 20/10/1892
Completed: 11/1892
Builder: JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
Yard Number: 143
Dimensions: 146grt, 12nrt, 100.4 x 19.9 x 11.5ft
Engines: T3cyl (13.5, 22 & 36 x 24ins), 75nhp, 450ihp
Engines By: JP Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: 98391
1892 Goole & Hull Steam Towing Co Ltd; registered at Goole
26/02/1896 John Fenwick, Sydney, NSW
28/02/1896 Goole registry closed
10/04/1896 Nathaniel Cork (bank manager), London; registered at Sydney
29/10/1896 Renamed LEVERET
23/10/1900 John, Andrew and James Fenwick, Sydney
09/05/1901 Andrew, James and Adolf Fenwick, Sydney
03/12/1906 Andrew, James, Pauline and Thomas Fenwick, Sydney
20/04/1916 J Fenwick & Co Ltd, Sydney
09/12/1936 J Fenwick & Co Pty Ltd, Sydney
1959 Broken up
Comments: 1896: This was probably the first tug to voyage in steam to Australia
01/03/1896: Left Shields
14/03/1896: At Gibraltar
21/03/1896: At Malta
26/03/1896: At Port Said
28/03/1896: At Suez
03/04/1896: Passed Perim Island
13-17/04/1896: At Colombo
23-27/04/1896: At Tanjong Priok
09/05/1896: At Goode Island then to Thursday Island
18/05/1896: Left Townsville
22/05/1896: Arrived at Sydney
1959: Sold to Hines Metals Ltd for breaking up at Sydney
31/03/1960: Registry closed
Thanks to Buster J Browne for the above details

     Above photo as LEVERET copyright of Buster Browne

     Above photo as LEVERET courtesy of John Grainger

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