Launched: 06/05/1954
Completed: 24/07/1954
Builder: Mutzelfeldtwerft Gmbh, Cuxhaven
Yard Number: 136
Dimensions: 141grt, 97.2 x 22.4 x 10.5ft
Engines: Oil engine, 4SA, 6cyl (320 x 450mm), 825bhp
Engines By: Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz, Cologne
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 169261
07/1954 Ridley Steam Tug Co Ltd; registered at Newcastle
03/1955 Company restyled Ridley Tugs Ltd
01/1959 Chartered to Tyne Tugs Ltd
05/1969 J Johannsen & Sohn, Lubeck; renamed JOACHIM
1984 Niels Henriksen, Svenborg; renamed STORESUND
1997 Promoport International, Italy; renamed MADERA V
Comments: 07/1954: Cost 53,240
05/1969: Cost 38,000
1971: Re-engined with a 5cyl version of the same engine.

     Above photo courtesy of Alfred Turner

     Above photo courtesy of Simon Elsdon

     Above photo of STORESUND courtesy of Ray Harrison

     Above: MADERA V photographed at Brest on 17/12/1997 by Y.Perchoc

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