Completed: 1920
Builder: F Schichau, Elbing
Yard Number:
Dimensions: 156grt, 56nrt, 99.8 x 21.4 x 11.7ft
Engines: T3cyl (350, 580 & 900 x 550mm), 58nhp, 500ihp
Engines By: F Schichau, Elbing
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: n/a; (1922: 145958)
1920 HC Horn, Hamburg; registered at Flensburg
1922 Liverpool Salvage Association; renamed TROVER; registered at Liverpool
09/1933 The 'Ridley' Steam Tug Co Ltd; registered at Newcastle
10/1934 Arcos Ltd
10/1934 Government of USSR; renamed TUMAN; registered at Leningrad
No further history known
Comments: Also listed as KONIGSTEIN
09/1933: Cost 2,801
10/1934: Cost 5,675
Not in Lloyds Register for 1961
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