Launched: 12/08/1907
Completed: 10/1907
Builder: JT Eltringham & Co, South Shields
Yard Number: 263
Dimensions: 156grt, 2nrt, 100.0 x 20.2 x 9.9ft
Engines: 2 x L1cyl (30 x 54ins), 66nhp, 400ihp
Engines By: Hepple & Co Ltd, South Shields
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 124285
10/1907 Manchester Ship Canal Co; registered at Manchester
09/1950 Ridley Steam Tugs Co Ltd
11/1951 Renamed RELIANT; registered at Newcastle
03/1955 Company restyled Ridley Tugs Ltd
09/1956 Seaham Harbour Dock Company, Seaham
06/1969 National Maritime Museum
1996 Broken up
Comments: 10/1907: Cost 6,400
09/1950: Cost 1,650;
09/1956: Cost 4,000
12/06/1969: Arrived on the Thames, towed by DHULIA
Broken up by the NMM to create space for more displays

     Above photos as OLD TRAFFORD on the Manchester Ship Canal. Photos courtesy of Photoship

     Above photographs as RELIANT for Ridley Tugs, courtesy of Alfred Turner

     Above: On the Bill Quay slipway of RB Harrison Ltd. Photo courtesy of Robert Amess

     Above two photos taken at Seaham Harbour on 01/04/1969, copyright of Dennis Maccoy.

     Above two photos copyright of the National Maritime Museum

George C Dickinson got in touch on the 28/02/2012. George is the Honorary Secretary of the Markham Grange Steam Museum Association and also an active volunteer.

He said: The two main engines from RELIANT (which was unfortunately cut up at Greenwich) have survived. The starboard engine is still on display at Greenwich.

However the port engine and a complete paddle wheel is on display at Markham Grange Steam Museum at Doncaster, now driven by a discreet 3/4 HP motor onto the paddle wheel rim. The feathering gear is arranged so that it can be demonstrated as a radial wheel and moved into the feathered mode. This is of course a unique demo!

A copy of the write-up of the re-construction of the port engine and wheel was deposited with South Tyneside Council Local Studies Library in Prince Georg Square, South Shields in August 2007, in recognition of the help they gave me with information when we were struggling for any information.

The Alley & MacLellan "Sentinel" steering engine from RELIANT is also at Markham Grange, restored to steamable condition, complete with a reconstructed "deck" and a simulated rudder quadrant, also part of the working exhibit. There is also a detailed write-up of this, a copy of which was given to Glasgow Transport Museum.

You can see the main engine here

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