Completed: 1876
Builder: G Butchard, Milton Ironworks, Gravesend
Yard Number: 144
Dimensions: 77grt, 10nrt, 82.0 x 16.6 x 8.9ft
Engines: 2 x L1cyl (22 x 45ins), 45nhp
Engines By: G Butchard, Milton Ironworks, Gravesend
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: 73635
1876 J Martin, London; registered at London
1879 George H Jewell, Kings Lynn
1881 Dundalk Harbour Commissioners
1893 Registered at Dundalk
11/1907 Joseph Ridley, South Shields
04/1920 The 'Ridley' Steam Tug Co Ltd
1923 Registered at Newcastle
03/1932 Broken up
Comments: As built she had two funnels which were reduced to one after 1907
03/1932: Broken up by Grahamsley Ltd, cost 75

     OSCAR in Richardson & Brock's wooden floating dock at South Shields

     She has the funnel colours of the Svenska Lloyd Co. Photo copyright South Shields Library

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