Keel: 20/02/1869
Launched: 08/05/1869
Completed: 07/1869
Builder: J Wigham Richardson & Co, Low Walker
Yard Number: 60
Dimensions: 149grt, 55nrt, 114.6 x 18.7 x 10.0ft
Engines: 2cyl (36 & 36 x 54ins), 80nhp
Engines By: Thompson, Boyd & Co, Newcastle
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: 62325
23/07/1869 Xenophon Balli, London; registered at Newcastle
08/1869 Travasiata (Ghiorghi Avasiotti)
No further history known
Comments: Built for use on the River Danube
01/09/1869: Register closed as "Sold Foreign"

     Above photo courtesy of the Ian Rae collection

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