Completed: 1870
Builder: Heckels Bros, North Shields
Yard Number:
Dimensions: 66grt, 8nrt, 79.7 x 16.5 x 9.0ft
Engines: SL1cyl, 26nhp
Engines By: Heckels Bros, North Shields
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Wood
Reg Number: 60568
1870 Joseph Crosthwaite et al, North Shields
1878 John P Bickell, John Gearing et al, North Shields & Guernsey
1884 John Gearing, Thomas Finch et al, North Shields & Guernsey
1896 Robert Legg, South Shields
1915 George, Robert & John Legg, South Shields
1916 Anthony, Thomas, Robert & John Forster
1919 Broken up
Comments: Thanks to David Asprey for the above details
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