Launched: 29/10/1864
Completed: 13/02/1865 (trials)
Builder: J Wigham Richardson & Co, Low Walker
Yard Number: 29
Dimensions: 508grt, 286nrt, 262.4 x 28.2 x 8.0ft
Engines: 2cyl (65 & 65 x 54ins), 320nhp
Engines By: R Morrison & Co, Newcastle
Propulsion: Paddle
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: n/a
1865 Indus Flotilla Co, India
No further history known
Comments: Engines were 2 oscillating cylinders
Launched by Miss Denham Christe, the ship was named after the vice chairman of the owners, he was a former Governor of Bengal
The full contract was for the tug plus two barges (contracts 30 & 31)
Trials speed 15.5 knots, towing barges (lashed alongside); 10.5 knots
Contract price 6400; Profit 1197-11s-0d
They were built to carry British goods into the Punjab and to bring cotton down river for export back to the Lancashire mills. Also military supplies were also carried
Having run trials on the Tyne the ship was then dismantled and shipped out and re-constructed at the owners building yard at Kurrachee launching on 12/10/1866
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