Launched: 27/08/1958
Completed: 12/1958
Builder: T Mitchison, Gateshead
Yard Number: 83
Dimensions: 165grt, 0nrt, 98.0 x 26.0 x 10.9ft
Engines: 2 x oil engines, 4tew, 6cyl, 1104bhp; (1996: 2 x oil engines, V12cyl, 1040bhp)
Engines By: Mirrlees-Blackstone; (1996: Caterpillar)
Propulsion: 2 x Screws
Construction: Steel
Reg Number: 199199
12/1958 J Fenwick & Co Pty Ltd, Sydney
1973 Derwent Tug Co Pty Ltd, Hobart; renamed CAPE RAOUL
07/1983 North Western Shipping & Towage Co Pty Ltd, Tasmania
12/1996 Islands Shipping Pty Ltd, Papua New Guinea
01/2011 Bismark Maritime Pty Ltd, Port Moresby; renamed HERCULES
Comments: 1996: Re-engined
Still listed 2014

     Above: Looks like returning from trials off the Tyne. Photo courtesy of Eddie Frost

     Above photo as SIRIUS COVE courtesy of Buster Browne

     Above photo as CAPE RAOUL courtesy of Buster Browne

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